Ingersoll Rand air compressors & compressed air solutions offer ample air in every application.

Ingersoll Rand Compressors can be deployed in many sectors:

  • Garages, bodyshops
  • Coating shops
  • Metal works
  • Food industry
  • Hospitals, laboratories
  • Steel plants
  • Textiles industry
  • Petrochemical industry, oil & gas

Ingersoll Rand compressors are specifically designed for reliability, performance, durability & high quality.

The Ingersoll-Rand range covers the broad range of SSR® and SIERRA® rotary screw compressors, with both fluid cooled & oil free models; CENTAC® oil-free centrifugal compressors which are widely used for applications where continuous operation is required; & an extensive family of reciprocating compressors for most processes including high-pressure processes, oil-free processes & vacuum processes, and the TYPE 30®.

Besides compressors, Ingersoll-Rand can also supply a range of products for air conditioning, so as to meet all of the customer’s needs in the field of compressed air. The range has recently been expanded & now includes air dryers, filters, SIMPLAIR modular piping, electronic drains, coolers, heaters, water separators, etc.

Ingersoll Rand control systems maximize the efficiency & ease of use of client’s compressed air systems. Upgrade packages for older equipment are available. In addition, we also offer remote equipment monitoring, for less downtime, lower maintenance costs & improved efficiency.