Air Caster Rigging Systems

For easy and safe moving heavy objects.

Easily move heavy loads simply & safely with AeroGo, the leader in air caster transport solutions.

AeroGo is the answer for indoor transportation of heavy, sensitive or valuable equipment. Aided by air-film technology, it is easy to simply, safely & accurately displace loads of up to 5.000 tonnes.

Inform us of what exactly you require to move/relocate & we will gladly provide a solution.

The advantages of Air Casters & AeroGo air-film systems:

  • Super low friction – Our Air Caster Rigging Systems float your load on a nearly frictionless film of air often allowing heavier loads to often be moved manually in addition to protecting delicate or expensive floors from scratching or damage.
  • Highly Maneuverable – Unlike caster wheels and rollers, which resist changes in direction, air casters provide omnidirectional movement, requiring no additional force to change direction. This allows awkward or bulky loads to be maneuvered in tight spaces that would be impossible with conventional methods.
  • Low profile – The thin profile of our air caster load module makes it easy to insert under most equipment, eliminating the need for a separate jacking operation as well as providing vertical lift when inflated.
  • Low profile modules make it easy to insert under most equipment.
  • Separate air jacks are not required.
  • Omnidirectional: directional change is easy with frictionless air casters.
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum pallets are 50% lighter than steel.
  • Heavy loads can be moved manually, without tow vehicles or winches.
  • Individual pressure regulators compensate for unequal load distribution.
  • ASME B30.1 Compliant.