Load Modules™ and Load Module Systems ™ utilize the efficiency of air cushions (Aero Casters®) to lift heavy object of any size, shape or weight and move. Load Module Systems ™, one of AeroGo’s most versatile products consist of four or more Load Modules™. Any heavy object can be supported & lifted. With their capacity of ½ ton to 60 tons each, Load Modules ™ move anything that is not fixed to the ground.

The low profile of the Load Modules™ allows all AeroGo products to be installed under most machines very easily & without the need for lifting. Load Module Systems™ are fully omnidirectional & requires no additional force to change the direction of load, the great advantage of AeroGo Load Modules™ relative to skidding wheels.

Load Module Systems™ are lightweight & can easily be placed under the load. Control consoles separately regulate the pressure in each cushion to compensate for any uneven distribution of weight. Because Load Modules™ float on a nearly frictionless film of air, loads can often be moved manually, without the need for additional resources for this.

The following photo shows pictures of:


  • Placement Azipod under ship
  • Placing concrete counter (3 tons)
  • Moving storage rack
  • Installation reactor lid (75 tons)
  • Transport ship (200 tons)
  • Moving spinning machines (16 ton)