For situations where an automatic, permanent sand-fill installation is not available, Clyde Materials Handling has designed a mobile sand fill vehicle, to allow for an operator-friendly, mobile, flexible, dust- & spill free method for filling sand boxes without having to handle buckets.

Developed especially for the filling of sand boxes in trams, trains & light rail systems, the system is supplied as a separate vehicle with which the operator runs along the track or trailered by a client’s tractor. Based on the proven technology of Clyde’s fixed system, this mobile unit entails all the benefits it offers. The system is suitable for use in garages & for use in carriages which are arranged outdoors. The dimensions of the vehicle are designed so that it can be easily maneuvered in the often narrow space between vehicle arrangements. The unit is equipped with its own (dry) air supply (compressor). It also has a filtration system for the air transport medium during  filling of the mobile unit & during a receivers’ sand box filling operations.

Sand Storage & Filling
The mobile sand fill system can be filled from a sand silo as well as from an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). Both of these methods of sand storage guarantee weather-resistant & dry storage of sand at a convenient place & not necessarily at the  operating location. The mobile unit can be loaded anywhere & hence supports efficient & effective ways of working.