Aero-Planks™ are specifically designed for loads that vary little in width, but vary significantly in length. They are very easy & quick to install, & require only a single connection for air supply.

Aero-Planks™, in combinations of two or more are used to move long complex machines, such as printing & mail sorting machinery. Aero-Planks™ can save time & avoid costly work interruptions because machines do not have to be disassembled & assembled.

Aero-Planks™ are available in various lengths & load capacities so that they can be adapted to just about any type of load.

Aero-Planks™ are frequently used in flexible manufacturing systems & production lines, where they replace complex rail systems, or floor integrated transport systems. Aero-Planks™ offer unprecedented flexibility & omnidirectional freedom of movement. Cranes & forklifts can now be used for other things. Unbalanced loads can be corrected by using a single pressure regulator in combination with built-in flow regulators.