Aerogo Load Modules

For decades AeroGo has served the oil & gas industry, building and designing load moving equipment to exacting specifications for onshore & offshore drilling.

Anywhere on or below deck where the cranehook cannot be positioned, AeroGo offers possibilities for moving or relocating heavy objects or skids.

Offshore certified technicians and engineers are on staff to provide onsite assistance.

Specific onshore & offshore requirements are addressed by our manager. In general:

  • Air casters are inherently explosion proof and maintain safe load control while a platform is pitching and rolling, eliminating stored energy concerns.
  • The systems are modular to accommodate changing requirements.
  • Lifting capacity to equipment weight ratios often exceed 2000:1.

Specialized products for offshore:

  • Structural overlay: Rigid matting surface which can be quickly assembled to distribute loads over joists or grated surfaces. These structural matting surfaces are designed to provide a near frictionless interface with the air caster system & spread loads over deck surfaces where point loading limits are commonly exceeded.
  • Marine-grade air caster rigging system – corrosion resistant.