Pneumatic transport systems for bulk handling.


Air-Tec system® is a leading company in dense phase pneumatic conveying systems with compressed air.

Air-Tec system has developed three product lines for the dense phase pneumatic conveyance: Bart, Bart-one line and Tpa. Pneumatic conveying equipments include a broad range of accessories and components in order to develop customised solutions.

Air-Tec system pneumatic conveyors allow transit of lumpy or fragile materials moving at low speeds. The whole system has a few moving parts and it is completely closed. It differentiates for installation simplicity, application flexibility, compactness and high internal cleaning of the line.

Clients are able to request technical support to design pipes, assistance and mechanical assembling.
Pneumatic conveyors are available in carbon steel, AISI 304 and AISI 316 (internal finishes for food and pharmaceutical use), for high temperatures (up to 250° C) and for ATEX 21 and ATEX 22 settings.

  • Low velocity
  • Application flexibility
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • High internal cleaning