AeroGo’s Roll Mover™ literally floats heavy rolls of paper on a film of air. Thanks to the patented technology, a single person can easily move heavy loads without a forklift or a rail system. A simple push with a force of just 1 kg can bring hundreds of kilograms in motion, allowing a single person to easily move, turn & accurately position even the largest & heaviest rolls of paper with ease.

Simply place a part of the Roll Mover™ under each side of the roll, use standard utility/work air to get the load afloat & move the roll in the desired direction. Once the roll is in the desired location, depressurise the air cushions (Aero Casters®) & the lightweight device is ready for its next deployment.

Using the AeroGo Roll Mover™, very large rolls are moved easily, safely & omnidirectional, without noise or toxic gases.

In addition, the Roll Mover™ requires little or no maintenance since there are no moving parts.