Dome valves are typically used for isolating bulks/aggregates, stored at atmospheric pressure, from pressurized send-out vessels in pneumatic bulk transport systems. In the open position, a Dome Valve has a completely unobstructed passage. When the Dome Valve is driven to close & is in the fully closed position, a spindle mounted limit switch actuates the inflatable seal. The Dome can only be cycled to the open position after the seal has been  depressurized.

Other advantages Dome Valves offer:

  • Inflatable, pressure-tight seal
  • In most applications, major maintenance is only required after 1 million cycles
  • Aperture diameters from 50 to 500 mm
  • Operating pressures up to 30 bar
  • Simple,proven design
  • Ability to close in a material flow or a static column
  • Full bore design