Sicon Enclosed Conveyor Belt Systems

Belt Systems

Sicon’s enclosed conveyor belt system is a revolution in the world of conveying systems. Closed from the feeding point to the discharge point, it is as eco-friendly as pneumatic conveying systems.

Enclosed conveying belts with a high level of flexibility

ContiTech, a subsidiary of Continental, is a manufacturer of eco-friendly conveying systems. The conveying systems that transport materials from loading point to discharge point without the need for transfer facilities at tight bends, spillage or dust formation. Due to the unique design by Sicon, the enclosed conveying belt is capable of negotiating very small radius bends & steep inclinations (20-35 % depending on the medium). The enclosed conveying system protects the transported medium against moist, wind & dust. Sicon enclosed conveying systems allow companies to achieve a cleaner environment, enhanced productivity & more efficient use of energy resources.